Website Revamp

It was well over due. We have a new website!

Tell me what you think.

  • And don’t forget to tell me if any of the information is out of date or missing.

  • Like it. Do you want any photos taking ?

  • Like it. Do you want any local photo taking ?

  • Cheers,

    Any photos that show off the Sharrow Vale atmosphere and community would be great. There’s a Gallery section I can put them into.

    Some photo’s from the market days?

    And business owners can send me their logos or shop photos for their business pages.

    You can upload images via posts. It works very well…

  • Jude

    Ecclesall is spelt incorrectly you have put an h in it, also you have missed the d out of Endcliffe and Mediterranean is spelt like this. I like the idea of a ‘local’ website for one of my favourite parts of Sheffield but some of the basics should be spelt correctly!

    • Thanks for the feedback, I’ve made the fixes. 

      It’s just me managing it in my spare time so it’s hard to ensure things are correct. I know quite a few businesses have changed since I first put this together over 10 years ago!

      Any help is appreciated.

      p.s. My Dad wrote the opening paragraph. I don’t think I’ll tell him.