Take part in Back in Time for Tea

Would you and your family like to go Back in Time for a new BBC series?

Wall to Wall Television are the makers of a variety of programmes, including Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC), Long Lost Family (ITV) and BBC2’s living history strand Back in Time. In previous series Back in Time for Dinner and Back in Time for the Weekend, we explored the social history of post-war Britain through previous generations’ food and leisure time. Both series followed a modern family as they lived through each decade from the 50s to the 90s with their home, clothes and diet all transformed accordingly. Everything they did was underpinned by historical data that detailed real spending and eating habits of each period.

For our new series Back in Time for Tea, we are looking for a local, food-loving family to go on a journey through history. The family will spend the summer immersing themselves in the lives and diets of working people in Northern England over the last 150 years. It will be an exciting and educational opportunity for a local family to find out about the lives led by previous generations – where they lived, what work they did, what they ate and how they cooked it.

If you know or are part of a food-loving family, with two or more children aged 8+, and would like to take part, then get in touch! Email your name and a contact number to backintime@walltowall.co.uk for an application form.

Families must be UK residents with a minimum of 2 children aged 8.

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